Some people only attend worship services a couple times a year. On Easter, they like to have a "tomb's empty, yay!" moment. The significance of that empty tomb is greater than they can imagine, for it makes a difference for us every single day of the year. Jesus' resurrection means that he does have the power and authority to cancel out sins. It also means he has the power to give us a new identity. No longer is it, "failure," "rejected," "divorced," "unwanted," or any of the other hideous labels people throw around. Now, as a new creation, we are "blessed," "beloved," "saints," and best of all, "children of God."


The death of someone we know is always a sobering experience. It brings things into focus: What things are important? What direction should I be going? What legacy will I leave? And the superfluous things of life fall to the wayside. Good Friday, in no uncertain terms, was a horrific day - what makes it good is that it brings us to the cross where we behold Jesus Christ. He was there, not because of what he did, but because of what we did. When we behold Jesus on the cross we get that, and we understand how his love, grace, and mercy were poured out for us, and then everything else in life comes into focus.


Palm Sunday is when we celebrate Jesus Christ's Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. He entered amidst a singing and cheering entourage who ignorantly believed that he was coming as a priestly warrior to drive out all Gentile occupiers and restore Israel as a great earthly kingdom again. Jesus did not meet their expectations - he went way above and beyond their expectations.

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