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We are currently on break until January 6, 2019! But you can check out all the exciting thing we have planned for our spring semester here!

Our service consist of fun and engaging worship, games, teaching & small groups as we explore God’s truth. We specifically design each service to tackle real struggles, questions and issues that 6th-12th Grade students face.

  • Our FREE meal starts right at 5:30pm in The House so make sure you aren't late!

  • Throughout the evening your student will participate in an age appropriate worship service and a breakout time for fellowship and discussion in small groups.

  • Many students choose to come early around 5:00pm for games and hanging out before service starts! 



Family Feud

Every family feuds. Whether the latest feud is about curfews, chores, harsh words, someone's attitude, or someone else's questionable choices, everyone knows what it's like to experience conflict with a family member. Although some families may have more struggles or conflict than others, every family can learn how to fight more fairly. In this 4-week series, you'll challenge students to let their relationship with God transform their relationships with their family members as they seek to be more patient, forgive more often, be more honoring, and show love more freely.

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